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Mission Statement

To Our Valued Customers The concept of a ‘home energy audit’ is fast becoming known to the general public, but its scope of involvement is rarely ever understood. We at Green Energy Associates "GPA" are here to simplify, explain and provide the answers to your home energy concerns. Our goal is very simple. We are here to improve the health, comfort and energy efficiency of your home. We work on all types of housing including Brownstones, Limestones, Row Houses, Victorians, Colonials, Single families, Duplexes, 1-4 families.

What We Do

We will interview you understand the concerns and issues your home present. This helpful information will better prepare the Green Power Associate professional as he conducts the home assessment audit. For each home energy audit, we apply a specialized scientific approach that ensures the problems that are unique to the home owner is given the attention it truly deserves. No two dwellings are ever 100% identical and as a result no "cookie-cutter" approach can ever be taken. Homeowners are encouraged to participate or at least ask questions during the home's assessment. The homeowner will learn about the process and will also be better educated about the working conditions of their home.

The home's assessment includes testing with the use of a blower door, thermal imaging and various other tools to determine your home’s energy performance as it relates to safety, health, comfort and cost. As a Building Performance Institute [B.P.I.] gold accredited home performance company. We understand how the whole house performs as a system. We understand how it interrelates heating and air conditioning, insulation, ducting, ventilation, moisture conditions, and the dynamics of air flow.

An audit usually between two to four hours on average to be completed. A written report typically takes about a week to be completed and presented to the the client. This report will furnish the findings of the audit. It will offer ONLY the best solutions with the greatest cost efficient returns and also prioritizing ways to improve a home’s performance.

By performing just some of the suggested repairs, your home will be made safer, more comfortable, energy efficient and cost effective, thus adding savings to your financial bottom line. You will also by extension contribute to a reduction of the world's carbon footprint and provide a healthier place for us all to live.

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