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Do I Need An Energy Audit?

Take the Easy Energy Quiz Below to find out.

Yes/No      You feel cold drafts in certain rooms in your home?

Yes/No      Do you feel hotter and less comfortable in some rooms than others?

Yes/No      Are Rooms in your house are difficult to heat and cool?

Yes/No      Are your utility bills extremely high in either winter & summer?

Yes/No      Does your home experience extreme Western or Southern sun exposure with little to No shade?

Yes/No      Are your AC ducts in attic have kinks or tangles or are lying across ceiling joists?

Yes/No      Does your home heat or cools quickly when the system is shut off?

Yes/No      Do your windows fog up when temperature outside is less than 55°?

Yes/No      Is the insulation inside your attic & HVAC is older than 10 years?

Yes/No      Is your basement insulated?

If you answered yes to more than 3 of the questions. Contact the folks at Green Power Associates and schedule an Energy Audit today!

Did you know?

Did you know that the majority of homes are poorly insulated and this is the number one reason for their high heating fuel usage, as well as electric usage if there is air conditioning?

Did you know that homeowners are the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions? 

Did you know that with proper insulation and weatherization the average homeowner will see at least a 25% reduction in their home's fuel and electrical usage?

Green Power Associates main goal is to assist every homeowner in making their home safe, comfortable and energy efficient.

As a direct result it will end drafts and cold or hot spots, save a lot of money by reducing their heating and electric bills and dramatically reducing their contribution to global warming. 

To obtain these desired results a home performance assessment must be performed.

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  • Do I Need An Energy Audit?
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